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R. Joel England

Joel is a recent graduate of the UCLA doctoral program in accelerator physics. He obtained his bachelor of science degree from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master's degree from UCLA. He is now engaged in post-doctoral research related to the S-Bahn bunch compression and beam-shaping experiment at the Neptune Laboratory.

Contact Information:


phone: 310-206-5584

office: 3-173C Knudsen Hall

PhD Dissertation:

"Longitudinal Shaping of Relativistic Bunches of Electrons Generated by an RF Photoinjector" [Download (PDF)]

Recent Publications:

R J England, D Alesini, B O'Shea, J B Rosenzweig, and G. Travish, "Experiment to Measure Ramped Electron Bunches at the UCLA Neptune Laboratory Using a Transverse Deflecting Cavity", Proceedings of the 2006 Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop in Lake Geneva, WI (2006). [Download (PDF)]

R J England, J B Rosenzweig, G Travish, A Doyuran, O Williams, B O'Shea, and D Alesini, "Beam Shaping and Permanent Magnet Quadrupole Focusing with Applications to the Plasma Wakefield Accelerator", Proceedings of the Workshop on High Brightness Beams in Erice, Sicily, 2005 (to be published by World Scientific). [Download (PDF)]

R J England, B O'Shea, J B Rosenzweig, G Travish, and D Alesini, "X-Band Dipole Mode Deflecting Cavity for the UCLA Neptune Beamline," The 2005 Particle Accelerator Conference (2005). [Download (PDF)]

R J England, J B Rosenzweig, G Andonian, P Musumeci, G Travish, and R Yoder, "Sextupole Correction of the Longitudinal Transport of Relativistic Beams in Dispersionless Translating Sections," Phys. Rev. ST-AB (Jan 2005). [Download (PDF)]

R J England, P Musumeci, R Yoder, and J B Rosenzweig, "Beam Shaping and Compression Scheme for the UCLA Neptune Laboratory," PAC Proceedings 2003. [Download (PDF)]

R J England, J B Rosenzweig, and N Barov, "Plasma electron fluid motion and wave breaking near a density transition," Phys. Rev. E (2002). [Download (PDF)]