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PBPL Vistor & Speaker Info


Parking is provided in Lot 2 on the east side of campus -- use the Westholm entrance off of Hilgard Ave. The information kiosk will have your free parking pass under your name or the physics department, otherwise its $7. From the north west corner of lot 2 cross the street to the west. Walk toward the inverted fountain, Knudsen is the six story building on your right, north west of the fountain. The conference room is located on the third floor 3-171. Turn right as you get off the elevator.

Map showing locations of Knudsen Hall and Parking Lot 2 (PS-2)
Photos of Knudsen Hall: photo 1 photo 2
Photos of 3rd Floor Offices: photo 1 photo 2

Lecture Format & Audience

An informal lecture is held periodically with a maximum duration of one hour (including questions and discussion). The audience will include mostly group members and other scientists interested in beams & accelerators. As the audience may include some inexperienced undergraduate students, an introductory pedagogical slide or two may be appropriate.

The time limit will be ruthlessly enforced!

Speakers may wish to bring their talk on CD in the event that a local computer needs to be used.

Overhead Projector

There is VGA over head projector that can be used. It is compatible with PC laptops and macs, with a converter. There are also PC's in the conference room that can be used for presentations.


A white board is available for dazzling us with on-the-fly derivations. Other mutlimedia equipment (i.e. transperency projector) must be arranged for ahread of time.


The conference room can accommodate 10-15 people.