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Department of Energy Review Agenda

(A selection of publications relevant to our DOE funded program is available online)

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Tuesday :: May 18
Knudsen Hall 4-134

Particle Beam Physics Laboratory (PBPL):
Program Overview and Non-Neptune Lab Efforts

PIs: J. Rosenzweig and C. Pellegrini

08:00 Executive Session
08:30 J. Rosenzweig
PBPL Program Overview
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09:15 S. Reiche
Computational Physics at PBPL
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09:35 G. Travish
PBPL Experimental Facilities and Technical Capabilities
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10:00 Break
10:15 M. Thompson
Plasma Wakefield Transition Trapping at FNAL A0
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10:40 J. Lim
Inverse Compton Scattering and Ultra-strong PMQ Final Focus Experiments at LLNL
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11:00 G. Andonian
VISA II Beam Dynamics and SASE FEL
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11:20 Alex Murokh
ATF Chicane: Compression and Coherent Edge Radiation
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11:40 P. Musumeci
Velocity Bunching Measurements
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12:00 Executive Session
12:15 Lunch

Wednesday :: May 19
6764 Boelter Hall Rice Conference Room, UCLA

The Neptune Laboratory Review
PIs: C. Joshi, J. Rosenzweig and C. Pellegrini

12:45 Tour of Neptune Facility
13:45 C. Joshi
Introduction to Neptune Programs
14:00 C. Clayton
Status of Laser Systems in Neptune
14:15 G. Travish
Status and Planned Upgrade of Photoinjector
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14:30 S. Tochitsky
Beat Wave Accelerator Results and Plans
15:10 C. Filip
Non-resonant Beat Wave Acceleration
15:30 Break
15:40 P. Musumeci/C. Pellegrini
IFEL Experiment at Neptune
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16:05 R.J. England
Dogleg Compressor Studies
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16:25 R. Yoder
Slab-symmetric Dielectric Accelerator
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16:40 J. Rosenzweig
Future Neptune Experiments
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17:00 Closeout