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Undergraduate Text: Fundamentals of Beam Physics

The textbook developed by Prof. Rosenzweig for Physics 150, "Fundamentals of Beam Physics", has been published by Oxford University Press. This book presents beam physics using a unified approach, emphasizing basic concepts and analysis methods. While many existing resources in beams and accelerators are specialized to aid the professional practitioner, this text anticipates the needs of physics students. The central concepts underpinning the physics of accelerators, charges particle, and photon beams are built up from familiar, intertwining components, such as electromagnetism, relativity, and Hamiltonian dynamics. These components are woven into an illustrative set of examples that allow investigation of a variety of physical scenarios. With these tools, single particle dynamics on linear accelerators, are discussed, with general methods that are naturally extended to circular accelerators. Beyond single particle dynamics, the proliferation of commonly used beam descriptions are surveyed and compared. These methods provide a powerful connection between the classical charged particle beams, and beams based on coherent waves-laser beams. Aspects of experimental techniques are introduced. Numerous exercises, and examples drawn from devices such as synchrotrons and free-electron lasers, are included to illustrate relevant physical principles.

Table of Contents, by chapter:

1. Introduction to Beam Physics
2. Charged Particle Motion in Static Fields
3. Linear Transverse Motion
4. Acceleration and Longitudinal Motion
5. Collective Descriptions of Beam Distributions
6. Accelerator Technology I: Magnetostatic Devices
7. Accelerator Technology II: Waveguides and Cavities
8. Photon Beams

The first 100 pages of the text are available for free download. Known errata for the first printing are also available.

A second volume of the textbook is now underway; it will be at the graduate level, and address advanced topics in the physics of intense beam interactions with electromagnetic radiation, self-fields, plasma, materials, and other beams.

The Optics Encyclopedia

The puplisher Wiley-VCH has puplished a 5 volume encyclopedia on optics. They invited experts off the field to contribute to the projects and write articles, where were then combined in this publication. Our group prepared and submitted the article on Free-Electron Lasers, which gives a brief introduction into the physics of Free-Electron Lasers and the current development in this field.