Physics and Applications of High Brightness Beams:
Towards a Fifth Generation Light Source



It is with pleasure that we invite your participation in the latest version of the ICFA-sponsored workshop series on Physics and Applications of High Brightness Beams on March 25-28, 2013 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The workshop mission is given in the following statement:

This latest version of the ICFA-sponsored workshop series on Physics and Applications of High Brightness Beams further refines the previous mission of the meeting, to examine the state-of-the-art in high brightness beam physics and technology as it is applied in advanced accelerators and light sources, to embrace a more ambitious agenda the merging of the application fields. The concept, to create compact, high brilliance X- and ?-ray sources using cutting edge methods from the advanced accelerator field, has given rise to the description "5th generation light source". Given the dramatic maturation of both advanced accelerators and FELs in recent years, the time is right for this step, which when taken may also be correctly seen as a compelling milestone on the road to yet higher energy applications. Thus we are searching in this workshop to gather leaders in advanced and novel acceleration techniques, experts in the intricate physics of free-electron lasers, practitioners of high brightness beam physics including those investigating hybrid concepts such as plasma based electron beam sources and interdisciplinary researchers who have direct interest in two or more of these fields. The resulting discussions are intended to provide tangible and timely guidance on how to proceed with a highly stimulation and challenging mission: the marriage to advanced accelerators and light sources.

The conference proceedings will be published on the dedicated Elsevier's journal "Physics Procedia". This journal requires high quality standards and will be open access. Publication of a few selected articles in Nuclear Instruments and Methods Section A (NIMA) to present the conference's main results is also foreseen, the manuscripts will undergo the standard NIMA reviewing process and, if compliant with NIMA standards, will be published as part of a regular issue.

We look forward to seeing you in March!


James Rosenzweig (Co-Chairman)
Massimo Ferrario (Co-Chairman)
Luca Serafini (Program Committee Chair)


James B. Rosenzweig (co-chairman)
Massimo Ferrario (co-chairman)

Organizing Committee
Ilan Ben-zvi (BNL)
Bruce Carlsten (LANL)
Marie Emmanuelle Couprie (SOLEIL)
Eric Esarey (LBNL)
Brian Foster (Uni. Hamburg)
Wei Gai (ANL)
Sergey Nagaitsev (FNAL)
Andrei Seryi (John Adams)
Chuanxiang Tang (Univ. Tsinghua)
Mitsuru Uesaka (Univ. Tokyo)
Vitaly Yakimenko (SLAC)

Scientific Program Committee
Luca Serafini (chairman, INFN-Milano)
Charlie Brau (Vanderbilt)
Brigitte Cros (Univ. Paris Sud)
Luca Giannessi (ENEA/ST)
Florian Gruner (Univ. Hamburg)
Karl Krushelnick (Univ. Michigan)
Victor Malka (Ecole Polytechnique)
Brian McNeil (Univ. Strathclyde)
Claudio Pellegrini (SLAC/UCLA)
Tor Raubenheimer (SLAC)
Carl Schroeder (LBNL)
Alexander Zholents (ANL)

Local Committee
Carly Nguyen (chair, UCLA)
Daniela Ferrucci(INFN-LNF)
Nickie Ng (UCLA)
David Schiller (UCLA)