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February 12 Our group has moved to new offices on the third floor of Knudsen Hall. After over a decade of diaspora, we have moved into a contiguous office space. A few pictures are available here.
February 3 PBPL Group Member, Hristo Badakov, crushed the competition to become the best climber at UCLA. In a tour de'force climb, Hristo displayed his Spiderman-like skills and educated the competition.
August 29 PBPL will host the Workshop on High Average Power, High Brightness Beams on November 8,9 and 10.
July 14 PBPL Proudly Announces the Graduation of Mr. Ronald Agustsson
June 4 PBPL Proudly Announces the Graduation of Dr. Matthew Thompson
May 24 PBPL Spin-Off RadiaBeam Technologies Awarded DoE SBIR
March 18 Site wide improvements made including a better search index and recently updated documents page.
March 11 PBPL’s VISA II FEL Experiment Yields Amplified Signal with >100nm Bandwidth
PBPL Announces World's Strongest Quadrupoles, Their Use in Novel Final Focus System
PBPL Produces Advanced Accelerator Based on Inverse Free Electron Laser
February 13 PBPL Announces New Website
February 4 Wiley-VCH has published The Optics Encyclopedia with contributions from our group. Vol.2 contains an article on Free-Electron Lasers, written by C. Pellegrini and S. Reiche.
January 28 Site searching is now available.
January 26 The PBPL Beam Boutique gift shop has been launched! Check out the amazing array of technology transfer products.
January 16 At 15:00 PST our new website was launched.