February 13, 2004


Gil Travish
Particle Beam Physics Laboratory

PBPL Announces New Website

(Los Angeles, CA, 13FEB04) The Particle Beam Physics Laboratory (PBPL) at UCLA has launched a new website. The extensive collection of web pages and documents highlights research being carried out by group members including experimental, theoretical and computational actives. The announcement of the new group's new site was made today via email to members of the beam physics and accelerator community.

The new website offers considerably more information about research activities, easier access to publications, information about the group and personnel, and educational material of relevance to beam physics and accelerator technology.

Over the next several weeks new material will be added including detailed Free Electron Laser and beam-plasma interaction theory sections, more pages about diagnostics, and further details on both experimental and theoretical beam-matter and beam-radiation interaction.

Additional information on PBPL is available at the group web site: http://pbpl.physics.ucla.edu/ The Particle Beam Physics Laboratory at the UCLA Department of Physics investigates beam physics, accelerators and attendant technologies.

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