March 11, 2004


Gil Travish
Particle Beam Physics Laboratory

PBPL Announces World's Strongest Quadrupoles, Their Use in Novel Final Focus System

(Livermore, CA, 11FEB04) The Particle Beam Physics Laboratory (PBPL) at UCLA has created the what are believed to be the world's strongest quadrupole magnets using permanent magnets in a Halbach "pizza pie" configuration. In collaboration with the PLEIADES group at Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL), PBPL produces the devices to deliver the smallest possible electron beam spots for use in x-ray production.

The Permanent Magnet Quadrupoles (PMQs) focus the electron beam to the smallest spot sizes possible. Unlike conventional electromagnets where the applied current is varied, focusing adjustment is achieved through control of the longitudinal position of the magnets, much as is done in a camera zoom lens. The small spots and hence high beam densities afford efficient x-ray production, which is critical for material research, stockpile stewardship, medical applications and investigation of biological systems.

Additional information on PBPL and the PMQ systems is available at the group web site:

The Particle Beam Physics Laboratory at the UCLA Department of Physics investigates beam physics, accelerators and attendant technologies.

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