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Research Facilities :: ATF @ BNL

The Accelerator Test Facility at Brookhaven National Labs in New York, is a state-of-the-art laboratory, with a helpful staff dedicated to the safety of the users and the advancement of science. The ATF is a proposal-driven, Program-Committee-reviewed, Users'-Facility dedicated for long-term R&D in Physics of Beams. The ATF core capabilities include a high-brightness photoinjector electron gun, a 70 MeV linac, high power lasers synchronized to the electron beam to a picosecond level, four beam lines (most with energy spectrometers) and a sophisticated computer control system.

PBPL's collaboration with the ATF includes many experiments:

The current gun installed at ATF-BNL:

The ATF Home page has been recently redesigned and is an invaluable source of information. It includes pictures, parameter tables, experiment descriptions, hardware and software documentation, contact information, and many other useful links.

The Core Capabilities of the ATF are briefly summarized below.

Table of Capabilities:

Min Value
Max Value
Energy (e-beam) 25 MeV 76 MeV
Charge (Micropulse ) 0 few nC
Micropulse Length FWHM 1 ps 10 ps
Emittance (measured at 1 nC, 10 ps FWHM) 2.6 mm mrad
Macropulse Rep Rate 1 PPS 3 PPS