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Research Facilities :: Fermilab NICADD Photoinjector Laboratory

The FNPL is an 18 MeV electron linac. It produces a low emittance, high-intensity beam. The accelerator is used for studying accelerator science, channelling radiation, and plasma wake-field acceleration. The photoinjector is comprised of a copper rf photocathode gun, and a TESLA 5-cell superconducting rf cavity operating at 1.3 GHz. The beamline includes a bunch compressor, assorted diagnostics that measure the transverse and longitudinal phase spaces of the electron beam, and experimental stations.

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Table of Capabilities:

Predicted Value
Before Compression
Bunch Charge 8 nC=5x10^10e-
Laser pulse length FWHM 28 ps
Launch Phase 45 degrees
Beam radius at cathode 3.0 mm
Peak field on cathode 35 MV/m
Post-Gun Gamma 8.5
Transverse Emittance, normalized 11 mm mrad
Longitudinal Emittance (100% RMS) 820 deg keV
Momentum Spread 4.2%
Bunch Length 4.33 mm
Peak Current 276 Amperes
After Compression, from theory
Transverse Emittance, normalized 15 mm mrad
Bunch Length 1 mm
Peak Current 958 Amperes
After compression, from PARMELA
Transverse Emittance, normalized 26 mm mrad
Bunch length RMS .5mm
Momentum spread RMS 4.3%
Longitudinal Emittance 760 deg keV