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The UCLA/INFN-ENEA Collaboration

UCLA PBPL and INFN-ENEA have collaborated on high brightness beam and FEL physics since the early 1990's. Initial efforts were aimed at improving the theory and modeling of high brightness electron beams and FELs, with some collaboration also on the construction of the TESLA Test Facility. These efforts involved Luca Serafini, Rodolfo Bonifacio, Carlo Pagani, Paolo Pierini and Paolo Michelato in Milano, and also Massimo Ferrario, Luca Giannessi and Marcello Quattromini.

In more recent times, Prof. Rosenzweig has visited Frascati/Roma on sabbatical in 2003, as Visiting Professor at the Universita di Roma "La Sapienza", and as visiting scientist at Laboratori Nazionale di Frascati (INFN-LNF). In this time, a larger collaboration developed surrounding the SPARC high brigthness beam and SASE FEL project at Frascati, which is seen as a pre-cursor to the SPARX short wavelength FEL. This collaboration includes:

Current collaborators at INFN-ENEA include Luigi Palumbo, Carlo Vicario, Massimo Ferrario, David Alesini, Ilario Boscolo, Simone Cialdi, Bruno Spataro, Cristina Vaccarezza, Manuela Boscolo, Franco Tazzioli, Valeria Fusco, Luca Serafini, Luca Giannessi and Marcello Quattromini.