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The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

SLAC is a dedicated accelerator, lightsource collider and high energy physics laboratory. PBPL has maintained multiple collaborations with SLAC through joint experiments, and personnel exchange.

SLAC offers unique beam facilities enabling electron beam experiments in the multi-GeV range, as well as small facilities with next generation accelerating structures and diagnostics.

Our present collaborations include theory and simulation work on the LCLS x-ray FEL project. PBPL contributes technical and conceptual aspects to the ORION project, which is now being constructed. The full ORION project is envisioned to be a multi-university collaboration based at SLAC, which is dedicated the vigorous study of advanced accelerator concepts within state-of-the-art national laboratory facilities. Prof. Rosenzweig of PBPL is one of the principle investigators on the ORION proposal to NSF/DOE; he is responsible for the electron sources and diagnostics major research area.