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RF Structures Developed in the PBPL

The PBPL is experienced with the design and fabrication of RF cavity structures, in particular S-band photoinjector guns but also several models of plane-wave transformer linac and a deflection cavity under development. Standard electromagnetic codes (such as SUPERFISH and HFSS) are used to refine the designs, and the availability of advanced machining capability at the Physics Department Machine Shop allows the PBPL to manufacture its own components.

The PBPL group was central to the design of the now-standard 1.6 cell 2856-MHz RF gun, in use at BNL-ATF and SLAC as well as the UCLA Neptune lab, and the electrical performance of these guns continues to be improved via cathode development and increased resistance to breakdown.

In the 1990s, one research effort at PBPL concerned the development of the plane-wave transformer (PWT) linac, an unconventional RF standing-wave accelerator. An example of a UCLA-built PWT is currently in use at Neptune.

A deflecting cavity system is currently under development for pulse shape diagnosis at the S-bahn secondary beamline in the Neptune lab.