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Adney, J. R.

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title: Progress in the Design of a DC FEL Power Source Using a Pelletron Driver
format: conference proceeding
conference: PAC 1987
year: 1987
7 authors: Larson, D. J. | D.B. Cline | S. Anderson | J.B. Rosenzweig | Sundquist, M. L. | Adney, J. R. | Dehais, S. J.
abstract: We discuss progress in the design of a DC Free Electron Laser power source using a Pelletron electrostatic accelerator as a driver. Such a power source should deliver up to 200 kW DC power in wavelengths ranging from a few microns to a few centimeters. The advantages of this system for use as a power source for future acceleration techniques are its efficiency, tunability and high average power. In order to achieve DC operation of the system extremely high electron recovery efficiencies are required. It is also likely that FEL operation will result in a large spread of electron energies. These design constraints require the development of a highly efficient electron beam collector as well as beam optics capable of recirculating beams with a large energy spread. We present collector and beamline designs and include electron optics studies for the full range of operating conditions.

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