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Madura, D.

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title: A high luminosity superconducting mini collider for phi meson production and particle beam physics
format: conference proceeding
conference: PAC 1991
year: 1991
14 authors: C. Pellegrini | D. Robin | D. B. Cline | J. Kolonko | S. Anderson | W. Barletta | Chargin, A. | M. Cornacchia | Dalbacka, G. | K. Halbach | Lueng, E. | Kimball, F. | Madura, D. | Patterson, L.
abstract: A 510-MeV electron-positron collider has been proposed at the University of California at Los Angeles to study particle beam physics and phi-meson physics at luminosities larger than 1032 cm/sup -2/s/sup -1/. The collider consists of a single compact superconducting storage ring (SMC), with a bending field of 4 T and a current larger than 1 A. A discussion is presented of the main characteristics of this system and its major technical components: superconducting dipoles and the RF vacuum and injection systems. (6 References).

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