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title: Proposal for a SASE-Free-electron laser Experiment, VISA, at the ATF Linac
format: conference proceeding
conference: FEL 2000 22nd
year: April 8, 1998
5 authors: UCLA | BNL | LANL | LLNL | SLAC
abstract: We present a proposal of a SASE-FEL experiment, VISA, to be done at the ATF linac unsing a 4m long undulator, to study the FEL collective instability regime, including saturation, start-up, time dependence and spectral and angular characteristics of the radiation. The experiment will use a complete set of diagnostics tools to allow a detailed comparison of the experimental results with the theory and the simulation codes. The experiment is being proposed by the VISA group, BNL-LLNL-LANL-SSRL/SLAC-UCLA collaboration. The experiment is part of a program to demonstrate the feasibility of short wavelength, UV to X-ray, FELs based on teh SASE collective instability regime. This program has received the highest priority from the Birgenau panel, which has recently presented a report to DOE on future needs and development of synchrotron radiation sources in the USA. This top priority has been confirmed by the fact that the Basic Energy Sciences division of DOE has already provided the funding needed to carry our VISA.
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