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Alessandro Boni

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2 papers
title: RF Design of the UCLA/INFN Hybrid SW/TW Photoinjector
format: conference proceeding
year: 2006
9 authors: J.B. Rosenzweig | Alessandro Boni | A. Fukasawa | D. Alesini | Massimo Ferrario | Bruno Spataro | Luca Ficcadenti | Andrea Palumbo | B. O'Shea
abstract: With increasing demand for high brightness, low emittance beams for use with freeelectron lasers, Compton scattering systems and wake-field accelerator experiments, stringent requirements have been placed on the design and operation of the 1.6 cell photoinjector. The proposed hybrid photoinjector combines the BNL/UCLA/SLAC style 1.5/1.6 cell standing wave gun with a traveling wave accelerator. Our goal is an injector that meets today’s requirements and is scalable in design to meet tomorrow’s demands: emittances in the region of 1 mm-mrad for higher brightness as well as higher currents. The hybrid photoinjector also offers higher energy operation, enhanced cost effectiveness and better scalability than current designs such as integrated PWT photoinjectors and split gun/accelerating sections. The use of both SW and TW systems allows for higher gradients (Eo = 70 MV/m) in the SW gun for effective capture at lower emittances, while the lower energy acceleration in the TW sections (Eo = 13.5 MV/m) allows generation of higher energy beams which are less sensitive to space charge effects. We note the current results of simulation of beam dynamics, en,x = 3 mm-mrad, an energy spread of 1.5% with beam energies of 21 MeV at currents as high as 1.2 kA. Further we explore the possibilities of scalability to higher frequencies, analysis of coupling design, present cold test preparations and simulated RF analysis of the structure.

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title: Beam Dynamics in a Hybrid Standing Wave-Traveling Wave Photoinjector
format: conference proceeding
conference: AAC 2006 12th
year: 2006
11 authors: J.B. Rosenzweig | D. Alesini | A. Boni | M. Ferrario | L. Ficcadenti | A. Fukusawa | A. Mostacci | B. O'Shea | L. Palumbo | B. Spataro | V. Fusco
abstract: We discuss the dynamics of of a photoinjector beam in a hybrid traveling wave-standing wave photoinjector. With the field profile deduced from electromagnetic simulations, it is seen that the acceleration program induces strong velocity bunching. The beam dynamics in this scenario are explored using UCLA PARMELA. With a solenoid field overlaid on the TW section one may control emittance oscillations during bunching and acceleration. It is seen that the S-band device currently under development at UCLA may produce a 1 nC, 21 MeV, 100 micron rms pulse length beam, with emittance of 3 mm-mrad. Applications of this beam for creating coherent radiation are discussed.

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