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S. J. Pasky

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4 papers
title: Observation and analysis of self-amplified spontaneous emission at the APS low-energy undulator test line
format: conference proceeding
conference: FEL 2000 22nd
year: 2001
153 authors: N. D. Arnold | J. Attig | G. Banks | R. Bechtold | K. Beczek | C. Benson | S. Berg | W. Berg | S. G. Biedron | J. A. Biggs | M. Borland | K. Boerste | M. Bosek | W. R. Brzowski | J. Budz | J. A. Carwardine | P. Castro | Y. C. Chae | S. Christensen | C. Clark | M. Conde | E. A. Crosbie | G. A. Decker | R. J. Dejus | H. DeLeon | P. K. Den Hartog | B. N. Deriy | D. Dohan | P. Dombrowski | D. Donkers | C. L. Doose | R. J. Dortwegt | G. A. Edwards | Y. Eidelman | M. J. Erdmann | J. Error | R. Ferry | R. Flood | J. Forrestal | H. Freund | H. Friedsam | J. Gagliano | W. Gai | J. N. Galayda | R. Gerig | R. L. Gilmore | E. Gluskin | G. A. Goeppner | J. Goetzen | C. Gold | A. J. Gorski | A. E. Grelick | M. W. Hahne | S. Hanuska | K. C. Harkay | G. Harris | A. L. Hillman | R. Hogrefe | J. Hoyt | Z. Huang | J. M. Jagger | W. G. Jansma | M. Jaski | S. J. Jones | R. T. Keane | A. L. Kelly | C. Keyser | K. J. Kim | S. H. Kim | M. Kirshenbaum | J. H. Klick | K. Knoerzer | R. J. Koldenhoven | M. Knott | S. Labuda | R. Laird | J. Lang | F. Lenkszus | E. S. Lessner | J. W. Lewellen | Y. Li | R. M. Lill | A. H. Lumpkin | O. A. Makarov | G. M. Markovich | M. McDowell | W. P. McDowell | P. E. McNamara | T. Meier | D. Meyer | W. Michalek | S. V. Milton | H. Moe | E. R. Moog | L. Morrison | A. Nassiri | J. R. Noonan | R. Otto | J. Pace | S. J. Pasky | J. M. Penicka | A. F. Pietryla | G. Pile | C. Pitts | J. Power | T. Powers | C. C. Putnam | A. J. Puttkammer | D. Reigle | L. Reigle | D. Ronzhin | E. R. Rotela | E. F. Russell | V. Sajaev | S. Sarkar | J. C. Scapino | K. Schroeder | R. A. Seglem | N. S. Sereno | S. K. Sharma | J. F. Sidarous | O. Singh | T. L. Smith | R. Soliday | G. A. Sprau | S. J. Stein | B. Stejskal | V. Svirtun | L. C. Teng | E. Theres | M.C. Thompson | B. J. Tieman | J. A. Torres | E. M. Trakhtenberg | G. Travish | G. F. Trento | J. Vacca | I. B. Vasserman | N. A. Vinokurov | D. R. Walters | Wang, J. | X. J. Wang | J. Warren | S. Wesling | D. L. Weyer | G. Wiemerslage | K. Wilhelmi | R. Wright | D. Wyncott | S. Xu | B. X. Yang | W. Yoder | R. B. Zabel
abstract: Exponential growth of self-amplified spontaneous emission at 530 nm was first experimentally observed at the Advanced Photon Source low-energy undulator test line in December 1999. Since then, further detailed measurements and analysis of the results have been made. Here, we present the measurements and compare these with calculations based on measured electron beam properties and theoretical expectations. (31 References).

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title: Observation of self-amplified spontaneous emission and exponential growth at 530 nm
format: journal article
publisher: Physical Review Letters
year: 2000
50 authors: S. V. Milton | E. Gluskin | S. G. Biedron | R. J. Dejus | P. K. Den Hartog | J. N. Galayda | K. J. Kim | J. W. Lewellen | E. R. Moog | V. Sajaev | N. S. Sereno | G. Travish | N. A. Vinokurov | N. D. Arnold | C. Benson | W. Berg | J. A. Biggs | M. Borland | J. A. Carwardine | Y. C. Chae | G. Decker | B. N. Deriy | M. J. Erdmann | H. Friedsam | C. Gold | A. E. Grelick | M. W. Hahne | K. C. Harkay | Z. Huang | E. S. Lessner | R. M. Lill | A. H. Lumpkin | O. A. Makarov | G. M. Markovich | D. Meyer | A. Nassiri | J. R. Noonan | S. J. Pasky | G. Pile | T. L. Smith | R. Soliday | B. J. Tieman | E. M. Trakhtenberg | G. F. Trento | I. B. Vasserman | D. R. Walters | X. J. Wang | G. Wiemerslage | S. Xu | B. X. Yang
abstract: Experimental evidence for self-amplified spontaneous emission (SASE) at 530 nm is reported. The measurements were made at the low-energy undulator test line facility at the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory. The experimental setup and details of the experimental results are presented, as well as preliminary analysis. This experiment extends to shorter wavelengths the operational knowledge of a linac-based SASE free-electron laser and explicitly shows the predicted exponential growth in intensity of the optical pulse as a function of length along the undulator. (20 References).

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title: The operation of the BNL/ATF GUN-IV photocathode RF gun at the Advanced Photon Source
format: conference proceeding
conference: PAC 1999
year: 1999
18 authors: S. G. Biedron | G. A. Goeppner | J. W. Lewellen | S. V. Milton | A. Nassiri | G. Travish | X. J. Wang | N. D. Arnold | W. J. Berg | M. Babzien | C. L. Doose | R. J. Dortwegt | A. Grelick | J. N. Galayda | G. M. Markovich | S. J. Pasky | J. G. Power | B. X. Yang
abstract: At the Advanced Photon Source (APS) at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), a free-electron laser (FEL) based on the self-amplified spontaneous emission (SASE) process is nearing completion. Recently, an RF photoinjector gun system was made available to the APS by Brookhaven National Laboratory/Accelerator Test Facility (BNL/ATF). It will be used to provide the high-brightness, low-emittance, and low-energy spread electron beam required by the SASE FEL theory. A Nd:Glass laser system, capable of producing a maximum of 500 mu J of UV in a 1-10 ps pulse at up to a 10-Hz repetition rate, serves as the photoinjector's drive laser. Here, the design, commissioning, and integration of this gun with the APS are discussed. (8 References).

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title: Operation of the APS RF Gun
format: conference proceeding
conference: Linear Accelerator Conference 1998
year: 1998
8 authors: J. W. Lewellen | S. Biedron | A. Lumpkin | S. V. Milton | A. Nassiri | S. Pasky | G. Travish | M. White
abstract: The Advanced Photon Source (APS) has a thermioniccathode rf gun system capable of providing beam to the APS linac. The gun system consists of a 1.6-cell thermionic-cathode rf gun, a fast kicker for beam current control, and an alpha magnet for bunch compression and injection into the APS linac line. This system is intended for use both as an injector for positron creation, and as a first beam source for the Low-Energy Undulator Test Line (LEUTL) project [1]. The first measured performance characteristics of the gun are presented.

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