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M. Abo-Bakr

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title: The BESSY FEL Project
format: conference proceeding
conference: FEL 2001 23rd
year: 2002
20 authors: M. Abo-Bakr | W. Anders | J. Bahrdt | R. Bakker | W. Eberhardt | B. Faatz | R. Follath | A. Gaupp | M. v. Hartrott | E. Jaeschke | D. Kraemer | P. Kuske | M. Martin | R. Mueller | H. Prange | Sven Reiche | W. Sandner | F. Senf | I. Will | G. Wustefeld
abstract: Berliner Elektronenspeicherring-Gesellschaft fur Synchrotronstrahlung (BESSY) plans to construct a linac-based single-pass FEL as an addition to its existing third generation storage-ring-based light-source. The project aims to obtain an FEL-based user-facility that covers the VUV and soft X-ray spectral range (20 eV less than or equal to homega less than or equal to 1 keV). At present, the design stage is funded as a collaboration between BESSY, DESY, the Hahn-Meitner-Institute in Berlin, and the Max-Born-Institute in Berlin. This stage focuses on optimization of the FEL as a user light-source, both with respect to its capabilities and in its performance. Important issues are: stability, seeding options of the SASE FEL, wavelength-tunability, synchronization with external laser sources and, on a longer time-scale, the generation of ultra-short (< 20 fs RMS) optical pulses.

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