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2 papers
title: Status of the Fermi@Elettra Photoinjector
format: conference proceeding
conference: EPAC 2008
year: 2008
21 authors: M. Trovo | L. Badano | S. Biedron | D. Castronovo | F. Cianciosi | P. Craievich | M.D. Danailov | G.D’Auria | M. Ferianis | S.V. Milton | G. Penco | L. Pivetta | L. Rumiz | D. Wang | M. Eriksson | D. Kumbaro | F. Lindau | H. Badakov | A. Fukasawa | B. O'Shea | J.B. Rosenzweig
abstract: The new FERMI@Elettra photoinjector is presently undergoing high-power testing and characterization at MAXlab in Lund, Sweden. This effort is a collaboration between Sincrotrone Trieste, MAX-lab and UCLA. The 1.6-cell RF gun cavity and the focusing solenoid were successfully designed and built by the Particle Beam Physics Laboratory at UCLA, delivered to Sincrotrone Trieste at the beginning of 2008, and installed in the linac tunnel at MAX-lab. Use of the MAX-lab facility will allow the FERMI project to progress significantly with the photoinjector while waiting for the completion of the new linac building extension at Sincrotrone Trieste. We report here on the high-power conditioning of the RF cavity and the first beam tests.
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title: The New Photoinjector for the Fermi Project
format: conference proceeding
conference: PAC 2007
year: 2007
14 authors: G. D'Auria | D. Bacescu | L. Badano | F. Cianciosi | P. Craievich | M. Danailov | G. Penco | L. Rumiz | M. Trovo' | A. Turchet | H. Badakov | A. Fukusawa | B. O'Shea | J.B. Rosenzweig
abstract: FERMI@elettra is a single-pass FEL user facility covering the spectral range 100-10 nm. It will be located near the Italian third generation Synchrotron Light Source facility ELETTRA and will make use of the existing 1.0 GeV normal conducting Linac [1]. To obtain the high beam brightness required by the project, the present Linac electron source will be substituted with a photocathode RF gun now under development in the framework of a collaboration between Sincrotrone Trieste (ST) and Particle Beam Physics Laboratory (PBPL) at UCLA. The new gun will use an improved design of the 1.6 cell accelerating structure already developed at PBPL, scaled to 2998 MHz. We expect that the new gun design will allow a beam brightness increase by a factor 3-4 over the older version of the device. Some technical choices of the new design, including the enhancement of the mode separation, removal of the RF tuners, full cell symmetrization to limit the dipole and quadrupole RF field as well as an improved solenoid yoke design for multipole field corrections, will be discussed.
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