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title: Experimental characterization of an ultrafast Thomson scattering x-ray source with three-dimensional time and frequency-domain analysis
format: journal article
year: 2004
18 authors: W. J. Brown | S. G. Anderson | C. P. J. Barty | S. M. Betts | R. Booth | J. K. Crane | R. R. Cross | D. N. Fittinghoff | D. J. Gibson | F. V. Hartemann | E. P. Hartouni | J. Kuba | G.P. Le Sage | D. R. Slaughter | A. M. Tremaine | A. J. Wootton | P. T. Springer | J.B. Rosenzweig
abstract: We present a detailed comparison of the measured characteristics of Thomson backscattered xrays produced at the Picosecond Laser-Electron Interaction for the Dynamic Evaluation of Structures facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to predicted results from a newly developed, fully three-dimensional time and frequency-domain code. Based on the relativistic differential cross section, this code has the capability to calculate time and space dependent spectra of the x-ray photons produced from linear Thomson scattering for both bandwidth-limited and chirped incident laser pulses. Spectral broadening of the scattered x-ray pulse resulting from the incident laser bandwidth, perpendicular wave vector components in the laser focus, and the transverse and longitudinal phase spaces of the electron beam are included. Electron beam energy, energy spread, and transverse phase space measurements of the electron beam at the interaction point are presented, and the corresponding predicted x-ray characteristics are determined. In addition, time-integrated measurements of the xrays produced from the interaction are presented and shown to agree well with the simulations.
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