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E. Arab

First Name: Esperanza

Middle Name: R

Last Name: Arab

Full Name: E. Arab

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2 papers
title: A Tapered Dielectric Structure for Laser Acceleration at Low Energy
format: preprint
10 authors: J. McNeur | E. Arab | R. Dusad | Z. Hoyer | J.B. Rosenzweig | G. Travish | N. Vartanian | J. Xu | J. Zhou | R.B. Yoder
abstract: This paper extends the physics of the Micro-Accelerator Platform (MAP), which is in development as an optical structure for laser acceleration of relativistic electrons. The MAP is a resonant, optical-scale, slab-symmetric device that is fabricated from dielectric materials using layer-deposition techniques. For stand-alone applications, low-energy electrons (? ~ 0.3) must be synchronously accelerated to relativistic speeds for injection into the MAP. Even lower energies are desired for other particle species (e.g. protons or muons). In this paper, we present design and simulation studies on a tapered geometry and associated coupling scheme that can produce synchronous acceleration at ? < 1 within a MAP-like structure.

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title: Initial Results on Electron Beam Generation Using Pyroelectric Crystals
format: preprint
6 authors: E.R. Arab | D. Fong | U.H. Lacroix | G. Travish | N. Vartanian | R.B. Yoder
abstract: The Micro-Accelerator Platform is an optical-wavelength microstructure for laser acceleration of particles, currently under development at UCLA. It is a slab-symmetric structure and can be constructed in layers using existing nanofabrication techniques. We present several possible fabrication techniques and preliminary experimental outcomes for manufacturing this structure.

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