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M. Fedurin

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3 papers
title: Observation of redshifting and harmonic radiation in inverse Compton scattering
format: journal article
year: 2015
21 authors: Y. Sakai | I. Pogorelsky | O. Williams | F.H. O'Shea | S. Barber | I. Gadjev | J. Duris | P. Musumeci | M. Fedurin | A. Korostyshevsky | B. Malone | C. Swinson | G. Stenby | K. Kusche | M. Babzien | M. Montemagno | P. Jacob | Z. Zhong | M. Polyanskiy | V. Yakimenko | J.B. Rosenzweig
abstract: Inverse Compton scattering of laser photons by ultrarelativistic electron beam provides polarized x- to γ-ray pulses due to the Doppler blueshifting. Nonlinear electrodynamics in the relativistically intense linearly polarized laser field changes the radiation kinetics established during the Compton interaction. These are due to the induced figure-8 motion, which introduces an overall redshift in the radiation spectrum, with the concomitant emission of higher order harmonics. To experimentally analyze the strong field physics associated with the nonlinear electron-laser interaction, clear modifications to the angular and wavelength distributions of x rays are observed. The relativistic photon wave field is provided by the ps CO2 laser of peak normalized vector potential of 0.5

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title: Resonant excitation of coherent Cerenkov radiation in dielectric lined waveguides
format: journal article
year: 2011
12 authors: G. Andonian | O. Williams | X. Wei | P. Niknejadi | E. Hemsing | J. B. Rosenzweig | P. Muggli | M. Babzien | M. Fedurin | K. Kusche | R. Malone | V. Yakimenko
abstract: We report the observation of coherent Cerenkov radiation in the terahertz regime emitted by a relativistic electron pulse train passing through a dielectric lined cylindrical waveguide. We describe the beam manipulations and measurements involved in repetitive pulse train creation including comb collimation and nonlinear optics corrections. With this technique, modes beyond the fundamental are selectively excited by use of the appropriate frequency train. The spectral characterization of the structure shows preferential excitation of the fundamental and of a higher longitudinal mode.

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title: Dielectric Wakefield Acceleration of a Relativistic Electron Beam in a Slab-Symmetric Dielectric Lined Waveguide
format: journal article
publisher: Physical Review Letters
year: 15 June 2012
13 authors: G. Andonian | D. Stratakis | M. Babzien | S. Barber | M. Fedurin | E. Hemsing | K. Kusche | P. Muggli | B. O'Shea | X. Wei | O. Williams | V. Yakimenko | and J.B. Rosenzweig
abstract: We report first evidence of wakefield acceleration of a relativistic electron beam in a dielectric-lined slab-symmetric structure. The high energy tail of a ?60??MeV electron beam was accelerated by ?150??keV in a 2 cm-long, slab-symmetric SiO2 waveguide, with the acceleration or deceleration clearly visible due to the use of a beam with a bifurcated longitudinal distribution that serves to approximate a driver-witness beam pair. This split-bunch distribution is verified by longitudinal reconstruction analysis of the emitted coherent transition radiation. The dielectric waveguide structure is further characterized by spectral analysis of the emitted coherent Cherenkov radiation at THz frequencies, from a single electron bunch, and from a relativistic bunch train with spacing selectively tuned to the second longitudinal mode (TM02). Start-to-end simulation results reproduce aspects of the electron beam bifurcation dynamics, emitted THz radiation properties, and the observation of acceleration in the dielectric-lined, slab-symmetric waveguide.

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