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J.V. Rau

First Name: J.

Middle Name: V.

Last Name: Rau

Full Name: J.V. Rau

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title: Self-Amplified Spontaneous Emission Free-Electron Laser with an Energy-Chirped Electron Beam and Undulator Tapering
format: journal article
publisher: Physical Review Letters
year: 8 April 2011
41 authors: L. Giannessi | A. Bacci | M. Bellaveglia | F. Briquez | M. Castellano | E. Chiadroni | A. Cianchi | F. Ciocci | M.E. Couprie | L. Cultrera | G. Dattoli | D. Filippetto | M. Del Franco | G. Di Pirro | M. Ferrario | L. Ficcadenti | F. Frassetto | A. Gallo | G. Gatti | M. Labat | Gabriel Marcus | M. Moreno | A. Mostacci | E. Pace | A. Petralia | V. Petrillo | L. Poletto | M. Quattromini | J.V. Rau | C. Ronsivalle | J.B. Rosenzweig | A.R. Rossi | V. Rossi Albertini | E. Sabia | M. Serluca | S. Spampinati | I. Spassovsky | B. Spataro | V. Surrenti | C. Vaccarezza | C. Vicario
abstract: We report the first experimental implementation of a method based on simultaneous use of an energy chirp in the electron beam and a tapered undulator, for the generation of ultrashort pulses in a self-amplified spontaneous emission mode free-electron laser (SASE FEL). The experiment, performed at the SPARC FEL test facility, demonstrates the possibility of compensating the nominally detrimental effect of the chirp by a proper taper of the undulator gaps. An increase of more than 1 order of magnitude in the pulse energy is observed in comparison to the untapered case, accompanied by FEL spectra where the typical SASE spiking is suppressed.

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