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Z. Quishi

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title: Observation of emission process in hydrogen-like nitrogen Z-pinch discharge with time integrated soft X-ray spectrum pinhole image
format: journal article
publisher: Physics of Plasmas
year: February 2013
15 authors: Y. Sakai | J. Rosenzweig | H. Kumai | Y. Nakanishi | Y. Ishizuka | S. Takahashi | T. Komatsu | Y. Xiao | H. Bin | Z. Quishi | Y. Hayashi | I. Song | T. Kawamura | M. Watanabe | E. Hotta
abstract: The emission spectra of hydrogen-like nitrogen Balmer at the wavelength of 13.4 nm in capillary Z-pinch discharge plasma are experimentally examined. Ionization to fully strip nitrogen at the pinch maximum, and subsequent rapid expansion cooling are required to establish the population inversion between the principal quantum number of n¼2 and n¼3. The ionization and recombination processes with estimated plasma parameters are evaluated by utilizing a time integrated spectrum pinhole image containing radial spatial information. A cylindrical capillary plasma is pinched by a triangular pulsed current with peak amplitude of 50 kA and pulse width of 50 ns.

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