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I. Gadjev

First Name: Ivan

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Last Name: Gadjev

Full Name: I. Gadjev

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2 papers
title: Observation of redshifting and harmonic radiation in inverse Compton scattering
format: journal article
year: 2015
21 authors: Y. Sakai | I. Pogorelsky | O. Williams | F.H. O'Shea | S. Barber | I. Gadjev | J. Duris | P. Musumeci | M. Fedurin | A. Korostyshevsky | B. Malone | C. Swinson | G. Stenby | K. Kusche | M. Babzien | M. Montemagno | P. Jacob | Z. Zhong | M. Polyanskiy | V. Yakimenko | J.B. Rosenzweig
abstract: Inverse Compton scattering of laser photons by ultrarelativistic electron beam provides polarized x- to γ-ray pulses due to the Doppler blueshifting. Nonlinear electrodynamics in the relativistically intense linearly polarized laser field changes the radiation kinetics established during the Compton interaction. These are due to the induced figure-8 motion, which introduces an overall redshift in the radiation spectrum, with the concomitant emission of higher order harmonics. To experimentally analyze the strong field physics associated with the nonlinear electron-laser interaction, clear modifications to the angular and wavelength distributions of x rays are observed. The relativistic photon wave field is provided by the ps CO2 laser of peak normalized vector potential of 0.5

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title: Generation of Coherent Broadband Photon Pulses with a Cascaded Longitudinal Space-Charge Amplifier
format: journal article
publisher: Physical Review Letters
year: 2013
9 authors: A. Marinelli | E. Hemsing | M. Dunning | D. Xiang | S. Weathersby | F. O'Shea | I. Gadjev | C. Hast | J.B. Rosenzweig
abstract: The longitudinal space-charge amplifier has been recently proposed by Schneidmiller and Yurkov as an alternative to the free-electron laser instability for the generation of intense broadband radiation pulses [Phys. Rev. ST Accel. Beams 13, 110701 (2010)]. In this Letter, we report on the experimental demonstration of a cascaded longitudinal space-charge amplifier at optical wavelengths. Although seeded by electron beam shot noise, the strong compression of the electron beam along the three amplification stages leads to emission of coherent undulator radiation pulses exhibiting a single spectral spike and a single transverse mode. The on-axis gain is estimated to exceed 4 orders of magnitude with respect to spontaneous emission.

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