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L. Blumberg

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title: Free electron laser experiment at the NSLS 700 MeV electron storage ring
format: conference proceeding
conference: PAC 1981
year: 1981
11 authors: J. P. Blewett | L. Blumberg | A. J. Campillo | R. P. DiNardo | H. C. Hsieh | S. Krinsky | A. Luccio | C. Pellegrini | J. Schuchman | P. Z. Takacs | A. van Steenbergen
abstract: A free electron laser experiment is described, to be performed with the 700 MeV electron storage ring of the National Synchrotron Light Source. The experiment is designed to study the parameters of the fel in an electron storage ring and the performance of this laser as a source of short wavelength radiation in the VUV region of the spectrum. The initial experiment will be carried out at a wave length of approximately 3000 AA, utilizing a permanent magnet undulator. For an average electron current of 1 A distributed in three beam bunches, the small signal gain per pass (relative enhancement of the radiation intensity per electron bunch pass through the undulator) is calculated to be approximately 10%. (11 References).

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