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R.C. Berg

First Name: R.

Middle Name: C.

Last Name: Berg

Full Name: R.C. Berg

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title: A linear collider phi factory and beam dynamics test machine
format: conference proceeding
conference: Workshop on CP Violation in Particle Physics and Astrophysics
year: 1990
8 authors: W.A. Barletta | R. C. Berg | A. Boden | C. Buchanan | D.B. Cline | A. Fridman | C. H. Ho | C. Pellegrini
abstract: The authors present the design of a high luminosity linear collider phi factory. This machine can be used to search for violation of CPT invariance and the study of CP violation (epsilon). It can also serve as a test collider to study the feasibility of L > 10(34) cm(-2) sec(-1) BB factory and the beam dynamics of large disruption systems. The machine will be asymmetric in beam energy, thus giving the phi's a boost.
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