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title: A high energy proton-electron-positron colliding beam system
format: conference proceeding
conference: HEACC 1971 8th
year: 1971
6 authors: C. Pellegrini | J. Rees | B. Richter | M. Schwartz | D. Mohl | A. M. Sessler
abstract: A system of two intersecting storage tings of gross radius 260 m, one for protons and the other for electrons and positrons, is described. The maximum energy of the stored proton beam is 70 GeV, that of the electron and positron beams 15 GeV; so the center-of-mass energies are 65 GeV for e-p collisions and 30 GeV for e/sup +/-e/sup -/ collisions. The performance of the system is determined by the RF power available for the electron and positron brams and by the incoherent beam-beam limit on transverse beam density. With an available RF power for the beams of 2.7 MW, the system yields design luminosities in the vicinity of 10/sup 32/ cm/sup -2/ sec/sup -1/ in both modes of operation. Some important physics experiments and their yields are discussed.

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