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M.W. Guetg

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title: Experimental demonstration of fresh bunch self-seeding in an X-ray free electron laser
format: journal article
publisher: Applied Physics Letters
year: 2017
7 authors: C. Emma | A. Lutman | M.W. Guetg | J. Krzywinski | A. Marinelli | J. Wu | C. Pellegrini
abstract: We report the generation of ultrahigh brightness X-ray pulses using the Fresh Bunch Self-Seeding (FBSS) method in an X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL). The FBSS method uses two different electron slices or bunches, one to generate the seed and the other to amplify it after the monochro- mator. This method circumvents the trade-off between the seed power and electron slice energy spread, which limits the efficiency of regular self-seeded FELs. The experiment, the performance of which is limited by existing hardware, shows FBSS feasibility, generating 5.5 keV photon pulses which are 9 fs long and of 7.3 10 5 bandwidth and 50 GW power. FBSS performance is com- pared with Self Amplified Spontaneous Emission/self-seeding performance, measuring a brightness increase of twelve/two times, respectively. In an optimized XFEL, FBSS can increase the peak power a hundred times more than state-of-the-art to multi-TW, opening new research areas for nonlinear science and single molecule imaging.

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