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Bhowmik, A.

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title: A microwiggler free-electron laser at the Brookhaven Accelerator Test Facility
format: conference proceeding
conference: FEL 1989 11th
year: 1990
8 authors: Batchelor, K. | Ben-Zvi, I. | R. Fernow | J. Gallardo | H. Kirk | C. Pellegrini | van Steenbergen, A. | Bhowmik, A.
abstract: The authors report the design and status of an FEL experiment at the Brookhaven National Laboratory Accelerator Test Facility. A 50 MeV high-brightness electron beam will be utilized for an oscillator experiment in the visible-wavelength region. The microwiggler to be used is a superferric planar undulator with a 0.88 cm period, 60 cm length and K=0.35. The optical cavity is a 368 cm long stable resonator with broadband dielectric coated mirrors. (8 References).

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