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D. Betz

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title: Plasma Lenses for SLAC Final Focus Test Facility
format: conference proceeding
conference: PAC 1991
year: 1991
11 authors: D. Betz | Chen, P. | D. B. Cline | Gundersen, M. | C. Joshi | T. Katsouleas | Norem, J. | Rajagopalan, S. | J.B. Rosenzweig | Su, J. J. | Williams, R.
abstract: A collaborative group of accelerator and plasma physicists and engineers has formed with an interest in exploring the use of plasma lenses to meet the needs of future colliders. Analytic and computational models of plasma lenses are briefly reviewed and several design examples for the SLAC Final Focus Test Beam are presented. The examples include discrete, thick, and adiabatic lenses. A potential plasma source with desirable lens characteristics is presented.

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