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FEL 1984 6th

Name: FEL 1984 6th


Date: 1984-01-01


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1 paper from the conference:

title: Free electron lasers for the XUV spectral region
format: conference proceeding
conference: FEL 1984 6th
year: 1985
2 authors: J.B. Murphy | C. Pellegrini
abstract: The generation of high intensity coherent radiation in the soft X-ray region from a free electron laser will require the FEL to operate in the high gain or collective instability regime. In this mode of operation, which does not require a cavity resonator, the radiation field grows exponentially along the undulator until nonlinear effects bring on saturation. The authors discuss the conditions that the electron beam and the undulator must satisfy for the collective instability to develop. They present an example of an electron storage ring with an undulator in a bypass section which satisfies these conditions. They present estimates of the output power that one can expect from such systems. (25 References).
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