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HEACC 1983 12th

Name: HEACC 1983 12th


Date: 1983-01-01


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1 paper from the conference:

title: Conceptual design of a 300 GeV accelerator based on the Inverse Free Electron Laser mechanism
format: conference proceeding
conference: HEACC 1983 12th
year: 1983
3 authors: C. Pellegrini | P. Sprangle | W. Zakowicz
abstract: The authors describe an Inverse Free Electron Laser Accelerator and how it can be used to accelerate electrons to energies of several hundred GeV, with an average acceleration rate of 150 MeV/m. They discuss the system scaling laws for several undulator designs and the methods for laser beam transport over the required distance of a few kilometers. (9 References).
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