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IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science 1990

Name: IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science 1990


Date: 1990-01-01


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1 paper from the conference:

title: The UCLA IR-FEL
format: conference proceeding
conference: IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science 1990
year: 1990
11 authors: F. Aghamir | W. Barletta | D. B. Cline | J. Dodd | S. Hartman | C. Joshi | J. Kolonko | N. Luhmann | D. McDermott | C. Pellegrini | C. Terrien
abstract: A high-brightness RF gun operating at 2.856 GHz is being used as the injector for an IR-FEL (free-electron laser) experiment. The RF gun consists of a disk loaded, 1.5 cell cavity and a photocathode in the end wall of the cavity. A strong electric field within the half cell near the photocathode quickly accelerates the electrons, thus preventing emittance blow-up. The photocathode is to be driven by a Nd:YAG laser system producing a 10-ps pulse. The power for the RF gun will be supplied by a 25-MW klystron. The RF power is coupled to the cavity via an S-band waveguide attached to the sidewall of the gun. The TE_10 mode excited in the waveguide strongly couples to the pi-mode with the RF gun while the zero mode is suppressed. (0 References).
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