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Conference on Optics for Fourth-Generation X-Ray Sources

Name: Conference on Optics for Fourth-Generation X-Ray Sources


Date: 2001-06-01


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1 paper from the conference:

title: Chirped-beam two-stage SASE-FEL for high power femtosecond x-ray pulse generation
format: conference proceeding
conference: Conference on Optics for Fourth-Generation X-Ray Sources
year: 2001
5 authors: C. B. Schroeder | C. Pellegrini | Sven Reiche | J. Arthur | P. Emma
abstract: We present a method for generating femtosecond duration x-ray pulses using a single-pass free-electron laser (FEL). This method uses an energy-chirped electron beam to produce a frequency-chirped x-ray pulse through self-amplified spontaneous emission (SASE). After the undulator we consider passing the radiation through a monochromator. The frequency is correlated to the longitudinal position within the pulse, and therefore, by selecting a narrow bandwidth, a short temporal pulse will be transmitted. The short pulse radiation is used to seed a second undulator, where the radiation is amplified to saturation. In addition to short pulse generation, this scheme has the ability to control shot-to-shot fluctuations in the central wavelength due to electron beam energy jitter. We present calculations of the radiation characteristics produced by a chirped-beam two-stage SASE-FEL, and consider the performance of the chirped-beam two-stage option for the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS).
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