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FEL 1990 12th

Name: FEL 1990 12th


Date: 1990-01-01


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1 paper from the conference:

title: Saturnus: the UCLA high-gain infrared FEL project
format: conference proceeding
conference: FEL 1990 12th
year: 1991
17 authors: F. Aghamir | W. Barletta | D.B. Cline | J. W. Dodd | S. C. Hartman | T.C. Katsouleas | J. Kolonko | S. Park | C. Pellegrini | Terrien, C. | J. G. Davis | C. J. Joshi | N. Luhmann | D. B. McDermott | S. N. Ivanchenkov | Lachin, Y. Y. | A. A. Varfolomeev
abstract: The authors present the status of Saturnus: an infrared FEL operating in the 10 mu m wavelength region, driven by a compact 20 MeV linac with a photoinjector, under construction at UCLA. The 1.5 cm period, 0.5 T peak-field undulator is being built at the Kurchatov IAE. The FEL is being designed to operate primarily in the self-amplified spontaneous emission mode. They plan to study the startup from noise, optical guiding, saturation, sidebands and superradiance, with emphasis on the effects important for future short-wavelength operation of FELs. The photoinjector follows closely the Brookhaven design. Electrons are injected into an accelerating section based on the plane-wave transformer design developed by Swenson at SAIC. Simulation of the linac and FEL show a gain length of 10 cm, and saturation power of 50 MW. (10 References).
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