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FEL 1985 7th

Name: FEL 1985 7th


Date: 1985-01-01


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1 paper from the conference:

title: Design concepts of a storage ring for a high power XUV free electron laser
format: conference proceeding
conference: FEL 1985 7th
year: 1986
12 authors: M. Cornacchia | J. Bisognano | S. Chattopadhyay | A. Garren | K. Halbach | A. Jackson | K. J. Kim | H. Lancaster | J. Peterson | M. S. Zisman | C. Pellegrini | G. Vignola
abstract: The authors report on the study of a storage ring capable of sustaining an electron beam of the quality required for a high-gain free electron laser in the vacuum ultraviolet and X-ray region. They describe a method for the optimization of the design of the storage ring where several competing and often conflicting requirements come into play. They present an example design of a ring that satisfies the required conditions of beam quality and is able to produce coherent radiation at 400 AA with tens of megawatts of peak power. (11 References).
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