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IEEE LEOS Annual Meeting 1999

Name: IEEE LEOS Annual Meeting 1999


Date: 1999-01-01


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1 paper from the conference:

title: Ultrafast X-ray generation and applications using laser-linac interactions
format: conference proceeding
conference: IEEE LEOS Annual Meeting 1999
year: 1999
9 authors: T. Ditmire | T. E. Cowan | G. LeSage | M. Allen | G. Hays | K. B. Wharton | M. D. Perry | H. T. Powell | J.B. Rosenzweig
abstract: At LLNL we have been working to integrate an intense short-pulse laser with a low-emittance relativistic electron beam utilizing a 100 MeV S-band linac. This project uses a 100 TW, 35 fs laser, which is currently under development. (3 References).
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