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title: Measurements of Copper RF Surface Resistance at Cryogenic Temperatures for Applications to X-Band and S-Band Accelerators
format: conference proceeding
conference: IPAC 2016
year: 2016
11 authors: A. Cahill | A. Fukasawa | J.B. Rosenzweig | Y. Higashi | G.B. Bowden | V.A. Dolgashev | J. Guo | M. Franzi | S. Tantawi | P.B. Welander | C. Yoneda
abstract: Recent SLAC experiments with cryogenically cooled X- band standing wave copper accelerating cavities have shown that these structures can operate with accelerating gradi- ents of 250 MV/m and low breakdown rates. These results prompted us to perform systematic studies of copper rf prop- erties at cryogenic temperatures at low rf power. We placed copper cavities into a cryostat with a cryocooler, so the cavities could be reduced to 4K. We used different shapes of cavities for the X-band and S-band measurements. RF properties of the cavities were measured using a network analyzer. We calculated rf surface resistance from measured Q 0 at temperatures from 4 K to room temperature. The re- sults were then compared to the theory proposed by Reuter and Sondheimer. These measurements are part of studies with the goal of reaching very high operating accelerating gradients in normal conducting rf structures.
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