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title: Experimental observation of helical microbunching of a relativistic electron beam
format: journal article
publisher: Applied Physics Letters
year: 2012
8 authors: E. Hemsing | A. Knyazik | F. O'Shea | A. Marinelli | P. Musumeci | O. Williams | S. Tochitsky | J.B. Rosenzweig
abstract: Experimental observation of the microbunching of a relativistic electron beam at the second harmonic interaction frequency of a helical undulator is presented. The microbunching signal is observed from the coherent transition radiation of the electron beam and indicates experimental evidence of a dominantly helical electron beam density distribution. This result is in agreement with theoretical and numerical predictions and provides a proof-of-principle demonstration of proposed schemes designed to generate light with orbital angular momentum in high-gain free-electron lasers.
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