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title: Echo-Enabled X-Ray Vortex Generation
format: journal article
publisher: Physical Review Letters
year: 2012
2 authors: E. Hemsing | A. Marinelli
abstract: A technique to generate high-brightness electromagnetic vortices with tunable topological charge at extreme ultraviolet and x-ray wavelengths is described. Based on a modified version of echo-enabled harmonic generation for free-electron lasers, the technique uses two lasers and two chicanes to produce high-harmonic microbunching of a relativistic electron beam with a corkscrew distribution that matches the instantaneous helical phase structure of the x-ray vortex. The strongly correlated electron distribution emerges from an efficient three-dimensional recoherence effect in the echo-enabled harmonic generation transport line and can emit fully coherent vortices in a downstream radiator for access to new research in x-ray science.
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