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Date First Author title
2011 G. Andonian Longitudinal profile diagnostic scheme with subfemtosecond resolution for high-brightness electron beams
2011 L. Giannessi Self-Amplified Spontaneous Emission Free-Electron Laser with an Energy-Chirped Electron Beam and Undulator Tapering
2011 G. Andonian Dielectric Wakefield Acceleration of a Relativistic Electron Beam in a Slab-Symmetric Dielectric Lined Waveguide
2011 D. Schiller Undulator Radiation Simulation by QUINDI
2011 Y. Sakai Harmonic radiation of a relativistic nonlinear inverse Compton scattering using two laser wavelengths
2010 J. McNeur A Tapered Dielectric Structure for Laser Acceleration at Low Energy
2010 J. Zhou Fabrication of a Laser-Based Microstructure for Particle Acceleration
2010 E. Arab Initial Results on Electron Beam Generation Using Pyroelectric Crystals
2010 M.C. Thompson Observations of low-aberration plasma lens focusing of relativistic electron beams at the underdense threshold
2010 E. Hemsing Generating Optical Orbital Angular Momentum in a High-Gain Free-Electron Laser at the First Harmonic
2010 F.H. O'Shea Short period, high field cryogenic undulator for extreme performance x-ray free electron lasers
2010 J.B. Rosenzweig Breaking the Attosecond, Angstrom and TV/m Field Barriers with Ultrafast Electron Beams
2009 E. Hemsing Helical Electron-Beam Microbunching by Harmonic Coupling in a Helical Undulator
2009 G. Andonian Observation of coherent terahertz edge radiation from compressed electron beams
2009 E. Hemsing Coherent transition radiation from a helically microbunched electron beam
2009 G. Travish Opportunities and Hurdles in Optical Scale Accelerating Structures
2009 A.M. Cook Generation of Narrow-Band Terahertz Coherent Cherenkov Radiation in a Dielectric Wakefield Structure
2009 P. Musumeci Novel Radio-Frequency Gun Structures For Ultrafast Relativistic Electron Diffraction
2009 L. Cultrera Electron Emission Characterization of Mg Photocathode Grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition Within an S-band RF Gun
2009 S. Tochitsky Efficient harmonic microbunching in a 7th-order inverse-free-electron laser interaction
2009 D. Schiller Updates to QUINDI
2009 M.S. Gutierrez Polarization Gating Autocorrelator
2009 A.M. Cook Observation of Narrow-Band Terahertz Coherent Cherenkov Radiation from a Cylindrical Dielectric-Lined Waveguide
2009 J.T. Moody Longitudinal phase space characterization of the blow-out regime of rf photoinjector operation
2009 O. Williams Inverse Compton Scattering and Characterization of the Source at the Brookhaven National Laboratory Accelerator Test Facility
2009 P. Musumeci Multiphoton Photoemission from a Copper Cathode Illuminated by Ultrashort Laser Pulses in an rf Photoinjector
2009 M. Ferrario Experimental Demonstration of Emittance Compensation with Velocity Bunching
2009 C.M. Scoby Electro-optic sampling at 90 degree interaction geometry for time-of-arrival stamping of ultrafast relativistic electron diffraction
2008 R.J. England Generation and Measurement of Relativistic Electron Bunches Characterizzed by a Linearly Ramped Current Profile