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Date First Author title
1985 K.J. Kim Storage ring design for a short wavelength FEL
1985 G. Vignola A study for a 6 GeV undulator based synchrotron radiation source
1985 E.D. Courant High-energy inverse free-electron laser accelerator
1984 G. Vignola A new method for pumping an optical klystron
1984 R. Bonifacio Collective instabilities and high-gain regime in a free electron laser
1984 J.B. Murphy Free electron lasers for the XUV spectral region
1984 A. Luccio One-dimensional numerical simulation of a free electron laser-storage ring system
1983 C. Pellegrini Conceptual design of a 300 GeV accelerator based on the Inverse Free Electron Laser mechanism
1983 R. Bonifacio Collective instabilities and high-gain regime free electron laser
1983 B.M. Kincaid The transverse optical klystron experiment at NSLS: laser harmonics into the XUV
1982 S. Krinsky The Brookhaven free electron laser experiment
1982 H. C. Hsieh Wiggler, undulator and free electron laser radiation sources development at the National Synchrotron Light Source
1982 C. Pellegrini Report of the working group on far field accelerators
1982 M. Cornacchia A study on the conditions required for the transverse stability of a coasting beam in proton storage rings
1982 C. Pellegrini The inverse free-electron laser accelerator
1981 C. Pellegrini Single beam coherent instabilities in circular accelerators and storage rings
1981 J. P. Blewett Free electron laser experiment at the NSLS 700 MeV electron storage ring
1981 C. Pellegrini Longitudinal instabilities in circular accelerator and storage rings
1980 J.M. Wang On the condition for a single bunch high frequency fast blow-up
1980 C. Pellegrini The free-electron laser and its possible developments
1979 E.D. Courant Enhanced resistive wall instability for off-centred beams
1979 C. Pellegrini Synchrotron radiation problems in storage ring version of FEL
1979 C. Pellegrini The free electron laser and its possible developments
1979 C. Pellegrini UV free electron lasers for synchrotron radiation sources
1979 C. Pellegrini Phenomenological analysis of current limits in storage rings
1975 E. Keil Beam-cavity interaction in electron storage rings
1972 C. Pellegrini Colliding-beam accelerators
1971 C. Pellegrini A high energy proton-electron-positron colliding beam system
1971 C. Bovet A study on the choice of parameters for a high energy electron ring accelerator
1971 C. Pellegrini The equilibrium length of high-current bunches in electron storage rings