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Date First Author title
2005 F. Zhou Experimental Characterization of 4-D Transverse Phase-Space of a Compressed Beam
2004 M.C. Thompson Plasma density transition trapping as a possible high-brightness electron beam source
2004 H. Badakov Considerations for Conical Horn Antenna Design optimizing Cerenkov radiation from hollow cylindrical dielectric tube
2004 J.B. Rosenzweig An Ultra-High Gradient Cerenkov Wakefield Acceleration Experiment at SLAC FFTB
2004 J.B. Rosenzweig The Effects of Ion Motion in Very Intense Beam-driven Plasma Wakefield Accelerators
2004 R.B. Yoder An Optimal Design for a THz Dielectric-Loaded Slab-Symmetric Accelerator
2004 J.B. Rosenzweig A Helical Undulator Wave-guide Inverse Free-Electron Laser
2004 J.B. Rosenzweig An Ultra-High Gradient Cerenkov Wakefield Acceleration Experiment at SLAC FFTB
2004 M.C. Thompson Plasma Density Transition Trapping of Electrons in Plasma Wakefield Accelerators
2004 R. Agustsson Design, Construction, Simulation and Implementation of a Magnetic Electron Bunch Compressor
2004 C. Pellegrini Development of X-ray Free-electron Lasers
2004 A. Flacco Calculation of Coherent Radiation from Ultra-short Electron Beams Using a Li
2004 M.C. Thompson Procedure for the production of a 10 micron aluminum foil OTR window
2004 M.C. Thompson The UCLA/NICADD Plasma Density Transition Trapping Experiment
2004 S. Tochitsky Enhanced Acceleration of Injected Electrons in a Laser Beatwave Induced Plasma Channel
2004 M.C. Thompson Creation of plasma density transitions short compared to the plasma skin depth
2004 M.C. Thompson Status of the UCLA/NICADD Plasma Density Transition Trapping Experiment
2004 G. Travish A PMQ-based, Ultra-short Focal Length, Final Focus System for Next Generation Beam-Radiation and Beam-Plasma Experiments
2004 S. Reiche The Development of X-ray Free-Electron Lasers
2004 A.A. Zholents Current-Enhanced SASE Using an Optical Laser and its Application to the LCLS
2004 A. Renieri Status Report on SPARC Project
2004 S. Reiche Spontaneous Radiation Background Calculation for LCLS
2004 Z. Huang Generation of GW-level, sub-Angstrom Radiation in the LCLS using a Second-Harmonic Radiator
2004 G. Andonian VISA IB: Ultra-High Bandwidth, High Gain SASE FEL
2004 P. Musumeci Very High Energy Gain at the Neptune Inverse Free Electron Laser Experiment
2004 W.D. Kimura Conceptual Design for a 1-GeV IFEL Accelerator
2004 R.J. England UCLA Neptune Ramped Electron Bunch Experiment
2004 A. Doyuran Study of X-ray Harmonics of the Polarized Inverse Compton Scattering Experiment at UCLA
2004 C. Sung Study of a THz IFEL prebuncher for laser-plasma accelerators
2004 P. Musumeci Acceleration of electrons in a diffraction-dominated IFEL