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Date First Author title
2004 D. Alesini The SPARX project: R & D Activity towards X-Ray Sources
2004 W.J. Brown Experimental characterization of an ultrafast Thomson scattering x-ray source with three-dimensional time and frequency-domain analysis
2003 M. Schneider New Vacuum Chamber for the Plasma Density Transition-Trapping Experiment
2003 C. Pellegrini X-ray free-electron lasers- principles, properties and applications
2003 M.C. Thompson The UCLA/NICADD Plasma Density Transition Trapping Experiment
2003 S.G. Anderson Horizontal Phase-Space Distortions Arising from Magnetic Pulse Compression of an Intense, Relativistic Electron Beam
2003 S. Tochitsky Acceleration of Injected Electrons In A Laser Beatwave Experiment
2003 G. Travish The UCLA Pegasus Plane-Wave Transformer Photoinjector
2003 J.B. Rosenzweig Energy Loss and Accelerating Field in the Plasma Wakefield Accelerator
2003 J.B. Rosenzweig A Plasma-Assisted High-Brightness X-Ray Source via Inverse Compton Scattering
2003 A. Murokh Properties of the ultrashort gain length, self-amplified spontaneous emission free-electron laser in the linear regime and saturation
2003 D. Alesini The SPARC Project: A High Brightness Electron Beam Source at LNF to Drive a SASE-FEL Experiment
2003 P. Frigola Design and Operation of Pegasus Thermionic Cathode
2003 R.B. Yoder A Slab-Symmetric Dielectric-Loaded Structure for High-Gradient Acceleration at THz
2003 S. Reiche Comparison of the coherent radiation-induced microbunching instability in a free-electron laser and a magnetic chicane
2003 J.B. Rosenzweig Energy Loss of a High Charge Bunched Electron Beam in Plasma: Simulations, Scaling, and Accelerating Wakefields
2003 S.G. Anderson Pulse Compression via Velocity Bunching with the LLNL Thomson X-Ray Source Photoinjector
2003 G. Andonian Design and Status of the VISA II Experiment
2003 G. Andonian Status of the UCLA PEGASUS Laboratory
2003 M.E. Biagini Start to End Simulations for the SPARX Proposal
2003 S. Reiche Theoretical evaluation of the LCLS X-Ray Free-Electron Laser performance
2003 S. Reiche Start-to-End Simulations for the LCLS X-Ray Free-Electron Laser
2003 G. Travish Free-Electron Lasers as Pumps for High-Energy Solid-State Lasers
2003 C. Muller Design Considerations for a High-Efficiency High-Gain Free-Electron Laser for Power Beaming
2003 S.G. Anderson Short-pulse, high-brightness X-ray production with the PLEIADES Thomson-scattering source
2003 W.J. Brown Generation of High Brightness X-Rays with the PLEIADES Thomson X-Ray Source
2003 G. Travish Photocathode Emission: The effects of high bandwidth drive lasers on thermal emittance
2003 R.J. England Beam Shaping and Compression Scheme for the UCLA Neptune Laboratory
2003 J. Lim An Adjustable Permanent Magnet Quadrupole Final Focus System for Low Energy Experiments