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Date First Author title
2003 A. Murokh Tunneling Ionization Bunch Length Monitor for the Ultrarelativistic Compressed Electron Beams
2003 N. Barov Energy Loss of a High Charge Bunched Electron Beam in Plasma: Analysis
2003 P. Musumeci Status of the Inverse Free Electron Laser Experiment at the Neptune Laboratory
2003 C.V. Filip Non-Resonant Beat-Wave Excitation of Constant Phase-Velocity, Relativistic Plasma Waves for Charged-Particle Acceleration
2003 P. Musumeci Velocity Bunching Experiment at the Neptune Laboratory
2003 R.J. Noble The ORION Facility
2003 S. Reiche The FEL Program at the PEGASUS Injector
2003 S. Reiche Pulse Length Control in an X-Ray FEL by Using Wakefields
2003 S. Reiche A Fast Method to Estimate the Gain of the Microbunch Instability in a Bunch Compressor
2003 R.J. England UCLA Neptune CTR Interferometer
2003 S. Tochitsky Experiments on laser driven beatwave acceleration in a ponderomotively formed plasma channel
2003 M.C. Thompson Plasma density transition trapping as a possible high-brightness electron beam source
2002 G. Andonian Status of the UCLA PEGASUS Injector Laboratory
2002 S.G. Anderson Creation, Manipulation, and Diagnosis of Intense, Relativistic Picosecond Photo-electron Beams
2002 S. Reiche A fast method to estimate the gain of the microbunch instability in a bunch compressor
2002 A. Murokh Results of the VISA SASE FEL Experiment at 840 nm
2002 S. Reiche Pulse length control in an X-ray FEL by using wakefields
2002 A. Tremaine Measurements of nonlinear harmonic radiation and harmonic microbunching in a visible SASE FEL
2002 A. Murokh Experimental Characterization of the Saturating, Near Infrared, Self-Amplified Spontaneous Emission Free Electron Laser: Anayasis of Radiation Properties and Electron beam Dynamics
2002 C.B. Schroeder Chirped-beam two-stage free-electron laser for high-power femtosecond x-ray pulse generation
2002 S.G. Anderson Space-charge effects in high brightness electron beam emittance measurements
2002 A. Tremaine Fundamental and harmonic microbunching in a high-gain self-amplified spontaneous-emission free-electron laser
2002 A. Tremaine Experimental characterization of nonlinear harmonic radiation from a visible self-amplified spontaneous emission free-electron laser at saturation
2002 A. Murokh Properties of an Ultra-Short Gain Length, Saturated, Self-Amplified Spontaneous Emission FEL
2002 J.B. Rosenzweig Experimental Experience in High Brightness Beams and SASE FELs at UCLA
2002 S. Reiche Comparison of the FEL and CSR Instabilities
2002 G. Travish Some Performance Parameters and Figures of Merit for Photoinjector Drive Lasers
2002 S. Reiche Free-Electron Simulations at Short Wavelengths
2002 J.B. Rosenzweig The VISA FEL: an ultra-short gain length, saturated, self-amplified spontaneous emission free-electron laser
2002 J.B. Rosenzweig Velocity Bunching: ORION, PLEIADES and NEPTUNE